• Analysis

  • High Level Design

  • Storyboarding

  • Script Writing

  • Interface Design

  • Mobile Considerations

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Analysis: The process starts with listening to your goals and challenges. These challenges may be as complex as high-level performance issues or as basic as the need for developing a compliance program. Then, through careful analysis we identify specific solutions that meet your needs.

High Level Design: A typical starting point in the design of training solutions is the high-level design. This design phase will address all of the goals and instructional needs and takes into consideration the analysis of the intended audience, technology, and environment. The high-level design document is a deliverable that provides the blueprint for the entire training solution.

Detailed Design: After the high-level design is complete and the instructional goals, techniques and strategies are established, the next phase is to begin the detailed design of the instruction. This will normally include:

  • Storyboard & Script Development: Storyboards provide a detailed screen by screen description of the instruction. All text, graphics, animation, voice-over scripts, video, and interactive exercises are described, on paper, for team review and refinement.
  • Interface Design and Prototyping: A critical element of successful eLearning is an intuitive engaging interface. Our designers will provide interface and content screen designs for review, refinement, and approval. We also pull all of the elements together in a working prototype for a final review and refinement process.
  • Mobile Considerations: Throughout this phase, compatibility with various mobile devices, i.e. phones and tablets from different vendors, is addressed with our responsive design technology.

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